What Does the Future of Content Look Like?

From a content marketer’s perspective, what does the future hold when it comes to content creation? If you are a digital media enthusiast then you may have heard of terms “beyond the blog” and the “hub-and-hub” model.

Beyond the Blog” is exactly how it sounds, you have to go above and beyond as a content marketer. Gone are the days where you can just post your blog on your website and magically expect interested readers will find you. Food focused blogs are rarely found on LinkedIn because those readers aren’t looking for food content, they’re looking to improve their professional self-development. Everyone is online and mobile user conversations seems to be happening more and more within social apps so that’s where every digital content creator needs to be, in order to be successful.

Hub-and-Hub” is basically where all the action is happening online on a particular site. Traditionally the hub used to be the company’s main website where marketers would try to redirect the reader but that formula no longer works with readers wanting their information immediately on the sites they are on.  You have to build within Facebook and LinkedIn and live as a full and separate entity, in order to create your own identity within these social media platforms.

How does this affect marketing/brands doing their content marketing? Firstly, now the reader can experience and enjoy the brand right on various social media sites. As content marketers we know we must cater to consumers wants, needs and desires… otherwise, they will find a competitor who does the job better.

If you want to see who is winning the content marketing game on social media sites, just take a look at coffee/tea giant Starbucks. They only recently started making big waves on social platforms last year thanks to a highly popular content specific series that told real stories about real people. The authenticity of their content struck a big chord with readers and they boast over 36 million fans on Facebook and over 14 million on Instagram.

To win the marketing game, Google genius Avinash Kaushik said it best, “Our ultimate goal as marketers, is all about getting the right message, to the right person, at the right time.”

What’s next step for online marketers? We have to create out of the box content if we want to stay one step ahead of the digital media marketing game.

“Good content is not storytelling. It’s telling your story well.” – @MarketingProfs


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