Winning Multicultural Marketing Campaigns

Ever wonder what Canadian multicultural audiences are hungry for when it comes to ethnic marketing? Not only do you have to create the right combination of flavours that satisfy target cultural communities tastes, you’ll also need to incorporate a social media strategy into your marketing mix in order to win big with Canadian multicultural audiences. An excellent example is the exciting creation of the Coca-Cola Iftar Mubarak social media campaign by McCann Canada that incorporated the holy month of Ramadan to reach out and engage this audience in social media spaces.

1) Best Use of Social Media • SILVER: “Coca-Cola Iftar Mubarak.” Client: Coca-Cola. Agency: McCann Canada

The campaign was so successful because of the effort put into understanding the needs and wants of this particular community and their faith. While many Muslims couldn’t eat or drink during the day while fasting, they were looking forward to Iftar or the meal eaten by Muslims after sunset during Ramadan. With those meals, Coca Cola wanted them to wash it all down with their product. They captured the traditions and excitement around this auspicious time and reached out in social media spaces like Facebook and Instagram to engage and entice this demographic.

McCann Canada was just one out of nearly 40 Canadian agencies who won at the 2017 Marketing Awards that we handed out on June 13, 2017 in Toronto. Multicultural marketing in Canada has gotten so big, that they dedicated an entire section to ethnic marketing agencies that are striking the right chord with their target multicultural audiences. Here are the rest of the cross-cultural marketing winners, all listed in the order they were announced.

2) Experiential/Special Events/Stunts • BRONZE: “Telus PureFibre Express Lane.” Client: Telus.
3) Integrated Campaign 
a) SILVER: “2016 Chinese Campaign.”
Client: Egg Farmers of Canada.
Agency: Koo Multicultural, A Division of Cossette

Egg Farmers of Canada Annual Report 2016

chinese campaign
Work Cited: Egg Farmers of Canada – Annual Report 2016
Koo Multicultural, A Division of Cosette created a campaign for the Egg Farmers of Canada catering to Canada’s growing Chinese community. The campaign’s tailored messaging conveyed the health benefits of eating eggs, especially for breakfast. A national in-store promotion ran in nearly 20 T&T Supermarkets in British Columbia and Ontario in conjunction with a digital media campaign in September and October 2016. The results? The campaign generated 8 million impressions and 15,000 unique visitors to the website.
b) BRONZE: “2017 Lunar New Year Campaign.”
Client: Air Canada.
Another ethnic marketer that doubly impressed is Toronto based AV Communications who took home not one but two bronze awards for their online endeavors, “The Beauty Channel” for Elizabeth Arden and for their Print “Spread” for BMW Canada.
4) Online • BRONZE: “The Beauty Channel.”
Client: Elizabeth Arden.
5) Print Single • BRONZE: “Spread.”
Client: BMW Canada.
Work Cited: AV Communications
6) Print Campaign • BRONZE: “1945/Treats/Mosquitoes/Swimming.”
Client: Chinese Canadian Military Museum.
The Chinese Canadian Military Museum ad campaign resonated because it highlighted the hardships that Chinese Canadian soldiers faced in fighting in WWI and WWII for the country they lived in – Canada. The campaign, designed to increase awareness for the museum shared their stories, history, and artifacts of Chinese Canadian war veterans and how they bravely fought for the freedom we enjoy as Canadians today. Each ad supports the museum’s tag line: No tanks. No guns. Just stories. The campaign ran one week leading up to Remembrance Day on November 11th, 2016. The campaign ran in English as well as in Chinese.

Work Cited: Captus Advertising



Now you have a better understanding of what Canadian multicultural audiences are hungry for when it comes to ethnic marketing. You have to create just the right combination of flavours that satisfy target cultural communities tastes and preferences. But you also may need to incorporate a social media strategy into your marketing mix in order to win big with Canadian ethnic audiences. Mainstream marketers are realizing that Canada is home to a large number of immigrants, with South Asian and Chinese populations having one of the largest representations. According to multicultural marketing giant, Focus Communications Inc., “by 2031, a third of Canada’s population could belong to a visible minority group.” Twenty percent of the Canadian market is ethnic consumers according to Maple Diversity Communications.  If you want some more tips and tricks on multicultural marketing in Canada, be sure to check out my blog in the next few weeks, as I’ll be sharing some tricks of the trade in the next few weeks.

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